Friday, June 5, 2009

a day at the beach!

heyy i am again.haha.last Tuesday was the best day of the week for me. FREEDOM!haha.which i went to the beach with zarif,ed,asmaa,sadeeq,andy,jazz,eastza,gg and boy.We went there by 2 cars(andy and gg drive).We had a blast!We play around a crazy things(which you don't want to know.haha).took a lot of crazy pics.swimming(well,only some of us).relax and had fun.It was a last minute plan(I mean,seriously last minute).From 4 o'clock to 7 something.After sunset, we made a campfire.but after half an hour, some guy complained.because there's a restaurant nearby.and they can smell the had to put out our campfire.hmph.Before we went home,we swam in the river near the mountains(at night).luckily there's light and we brought a few torchlights too(actually,only one.haha).then, we went home.well, not exactly.We sent sadeeq and asmaa home first.then jazz.then eastza.and the rest of us hang at HD.just for a little while though.I was soooo tired.i slept at my grandma's that night.guess that's just about it that day.i know it doesn't sound much but seriously,that was the best day of this week for me.hehe.Thank you andy and gg!and also to the rest!!:)
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