Monday, June 22, 2009

miss miss miss everything!

heyy.i haven't been updating my blog lately because internet blom byr.haha.besides,i'm kinda busy lately anyway.guess what?school is back on my more more playing arund.huhu.miss those days.on top of that,i miss my ex cousin-in-law.she passed away that monday.AL-FATIHAH(to all muslim,pls recite).she had breast cancer.Now i miss a lot of friends(who are now living out of town).and i miss my bracelet.which i gave it to ed.he pretended to ask for it but i gave it anyway.he'll be leaving soon.another person to miss.huhu.he's like a brother to me.hmph. exam is coming soon.argh!tense is back!boredom is back!hm.well,thats it 4 now.chow

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