Friday, April 30, 2010


boredom strikes AGAIN at NADIA's house
padah mok study tekk. p x jd. hahaha. study fb ada la.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

heyy!!sorry bout the last brother was in a hurry to use the i HAD to stop.haha.things turn out pretty confusing for me lately.i'm kinda blurr.this saturday,there's going to be PARENTS DAY at our school.which my result isn't that good.aaaaa!i am going to be dead this saturday!besides that,Zarif is leaving for UITM this saturday.i'm going to miss him like crazy!!i'm going to miss waking him up in the morning.hahaha.i can't write much a hurry.c yaa..

Monday, June 22, 2009

miss miss miss everything!

heyy.i haven't been updating my blog lately because internet blom byr.haha.besides,i'm kinda busy lately anyway.guess what?school is back on my more more playing arund.huhu.miss those days.on top of that,i miss my ex cousin-in-law.she passed away that monday.AL-FATIHAH(to all muslim,pls recite).she had breast cancer.Now i miss a lot of friends(who are now living out of town).and i miss my bracelet.which i gave it to ed.he pretended to ask for it but i gave it anyway.he'll be leaving soon.another person to miss.huhu.he's like a brother to me.hmph. exam is coming soon.argh!tense is back!boredom is back!hm.well,thats it 4 now.chow

Friday, June 5, 2009

a day at the beach!

heyy i am again.haha.last Tuesday was the best day of the week for me. FREEDOM!haha.which i went to the beach with zarif,ed,asmaa,sadeeq,andy,jazz,eastza,gg and boy.We went there by 2 cars(andy and gg drive).We had a blast!We play around a crazy things(which you don't want to know.haha).took a lot of crazy pics.swimming(well,only some of us).relax and had fun.It was a last minute plan(I mean,seriously last minute).From 4 o'clock to 7 something.After sunset, we made a campfire.but after half an hour, some guy complained.because there's a restaurant nearby.and they can smell the had to put out our campfire.hmph.Before we went home,we swam in the river near the mountains(at night).luckily there's light and we brought a few torchlights too(actually,only one.haha).then, we went home.well, not exactly.We sent sadeeq and asmaa home first.then jazz.then eastza.and the rest of us hang at HD.just for a little while though.I was soooo tired.i slept at my grandma's that night.guess that's just about it that day.i know it doesn't sound much but seriously,that was the best day of this week for me.hehe.Thank you andy and gg!and also to the rest!!:)
>pictures in my facebook

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just gettin started

Heyy. Dila here. First time blogging. Blame this to my friends(Sal and Wynn). They want me to do this. haha. i agreed anyway. Hmmm. What to write??aaa.. Honestly, i am so damned bored. I don't know what to do. or what to write. I'm stress out with HD(Hardy Dahlia cafe-my parents' restaurant) for the past few days. Because i've been working my ass off after school. And it's very tiring. Staying home isn't a relaxing place either. I have to clean up the house(which i don't do much.haha.especially my room). But besides that, i have to listen to my eldest brother(asyraf-24). He got the Chicken pox. my second elder brother(amir zarif-18) and i already got it before he did.haha.weird right? Lately,he's been soooooo demanding. well, it's not like he's very ill?'s just the chicken pox.but as for today,he went out and that's weird.i thought he can't.ohh well.who am i to stop him right?But now, my mom is sick.last time i checked(about an hour ago),her body temp was heating up.i'm soo worried.but my dad asked her to eat and take her medicine.she's resting right now.hopefully she's going to be fine.hmm.guess that's it for now.write yaa later.